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Are you a student, educator, or professional struggling with Spanish Verb Conjugations?

profilephotoElaine M. Smith
Señora Smith
AP certified Advanced Placement Spanish Instructor
Phi Beta Kappa UCLA

Look no further. You have landed on a site that is a hyperlink to purchasing an electronic, concise, and comprehensive six page application iChart that illustrates the correct conjugations of the 14 basic verb tenses of the Spanish language, in both regular and irregular formats.

Why should you purchase this innovative iChart?

  • Download in minutes to your iPhone, iPad, or personal computer.
  • Electronic app erases the need for cumbersome textbooks.
  • iChart offers a comprehensive format of the basic verb conjugations.
  • User friendly format for classroom instruction
  • Self-teaching tool for both beginning and advanced levels .
  • Proven track record as a “valued resource” in the Advanced Spanish classroom .
  • Most importantly, the price is right... only $4.99!
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Student Testimonials

"When I first arrived at the University of Florida, I passed a placement test to be enrolled in advanced Spanish classes as a freshman. I had my Chart from Señora’s classroom. All the other students wanted copies, as they saw how much more I knew than them. Congratulations, Señora, on the Chart becoming an electronic app."

Sarah Dodson

"As a native speaker, speaking Spanish is easy, but when it comes to writing it... that’s a different story. My job will pay me more, if I can not only speak but write Spanish correctly, and the iChart is helping me achieve this goal."

Manuela Rodriguez

"I am a former student of Señora Smith who is now a Spanish teacher at a private girls school. All our students have ipad access in the classroom. Guess who is using the iChart in her classroom as a teaching tool? Muchas gracias, Senora."

Susan Cummins

Hear what other students are saying about the Spanish Verb Chart app, click here!

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